To hide an FAQ Section from your Web Portal or app, you’ll need to unpublish all of the FAQs in that Section, or edit their visibility on the different platforms.

If you want to temporarily remove your FAQs (for example, while your app or Web Support Portal is in development), you can also have your developer comment out the button linked to your FAQs in your code. This will make the FAQs disappear in your app, and your users will not be able to see them until you decide to re-enable that button.

Please note that if you unpublish all your FAQs, your users will see a “No FAQs found” message when viewing your FAQs on the web.

The showConversation API is linked to the FAQ Help section. If you want in-app users to be able to contact you even while the FAQ is hidden, you can place a separate showConversation call on a suitable button to reveal that option. Please direct your developer to our developer documentation on the showConversation API for iOS and Android.