Help Center is many things — see below — including a publishing destination for any technical documentation or reference material that supports the end-users of a product or service. In most cases, the product that these many features extend is a mobile app that incorporates a Helpshift software development kit (SDK).
  • Help Center is where your users can search for and browse the knowledge base articles, FAQs, illustrations, diagrams, podcasts, videos, and any other media that you prepare, publish, or link to support the users of one product or service.
  • Here, your end-users can:
    • read all of your documentation.
    • contact you.
    • create issues.
    • chat with your customer service agents.
    • chat with your conversational bots.
One Helpshift instance can host discrete Help Centers for as many different apps as you may release. 

Back-end, knowledge base features for Help Center include basic tools for content authoring and organization, content import and export, multiple languages, content lifecycle management, and search engine optimization.

Your Help Center is not the same thing as a web support portal. See Web support portal concepts: Overview.