As of Helpshift SDK v7.0.1 and above, this API has been replaced with the Identity Bot (a toggle in the Helpshift Dashboard) for both in-app users and Web Chat. For more information, please see What is the Identity Bot, and how does it work?

The hideNameAndEmail API allows you to hide the name and email fields in the app when a user who has already provided them starts a new conversation. This prevents the user from changing this information once it has been provided, and ensures that new Issues from the same user will be associated with the user’s previous Issues in the Dashboard.

If a user writes in who has not previously provided their name or email address, these fields will appear. Once they have provided this information the first time, the next time that the user starts a new conversation, these fields will be hidden.

If you do not want to allow users to change their name or email address the very first time they write in, you need to automatically pass the name and email to the SDK using the setNameAndEmail API or the login API. This can be used collectively with the hideNameAndEmail to automatically set these fields each time that the user reaches out.

These APIs are applicable only for Helpshift SDK versions below v7.0.1. To learn more about the setNameAndEmail API, please see our developer documentation for iOS and Android. To learn more about the hideNameAndEmail API, please review our developer documentation for iOS and Android.