Chrome is the official Helpshift supported browser. For this reason, improvements for Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are not addressed at high priority, which is why we do not recommend them. Firefox in particular has known visual display errors when it comes to new Issue counts, page loading, and especially with live notifications, where the goal is not to need to do a page refresh each time there is a new message.

Globally, Chrome is also the most popular browser. You can learn more about Chrome and download the browser via the official Chrome Web Browser website. You can also review global statistics regarding the most popular web browsers on Statcounter’s Browser Market Share in United States Of America page.

If you are having difficulty loading the Dashboard entirely, check our server status via the Helpshift Status page. If the server appears to be up and you are still having difficulty, please reach out via our contact page.

Rest assured that your users will not experience any difficulty on their end when using different browsers to interact with your support team. We QA the end user experience for each browser update. If you receive any reports stating otherwise, please reach out via our contact page and we will prioritize a hotfix.