In February 2017, we made the decision to discontinue support for our Corona and PhoneGap SDKs. Unfortunately, the resources needed to consistently maintain these SDKs are unjustified by customer adoption rates and a lack of demand. We have chosen instead to focus our efforts on our native SDKs.

What does this mean?

Helpshift will not release any new Corona and PhoneGap SDKs. Helpshift has discontinued support for these SDKs, and will no longer address bugs or compatibility issues with these plugins.

We have some recommendations below detailing the options to continue supporting your existing users in lieu of the release of new SDKs for these plugins.

We realize there may be additional questions specific to your business around the decision to sunset these SDKs. We’re here to assist with other options as needed, and encourage you to contact us.

What are my options?

Here are some options we suggest so that your iOS 10, iOS 11, Android N, and Android O users will be still be able to submit Issues into your Helpshift Dashboard:

  1. Our first recommendation is to conditionally set your Help Section to show for everyone except iOS 10, iOS 11, Android N, and Android O users, then send the latest OS users to an embedded mobile web view of your Web Portal. They’ll be able to file Issues in-app via the Web Contact Us form.
  2. You can do the conditional settings for iOS 10, iOS 11, Android N, and Android O users, but instead of embedding the mobile view, you can link them straight to the mobile version of the Web Portal that will open their mobile browser outside of the app. This is a quicker solution than #1.
  3. Another option is to embed mobile Web Portal for all users temporarily. If you don’t want to invest time into that option, you may link your entire Help section to the mobile Web Portal that will take the end user out of the app and into their mobile browser. This isn’t an ideal user experience, but this takes the least developer resources.