You may see the following error message on the Campaigns page of your app, despite having it enabled for your domain:

You may also be attempting to create a Campaign, and be unable to select the iOS or Android platform. In this case, the reason might be that you have not integrated a Campaigns-compatible version of that particular mobile SDK.

Please be sure that you have integrated a Campaigns-compatible version of the Helpshift Android and iOS SDKs (iOS versions 5.6.0 and above and Android versions 4.4.0 and above), rather than one with Support-only capabilities. Please see our developer documentation for more information.

In order for our system to recognize which devices are capable of receiving Campaigns, you’ll need to call the right APIs when initializing the Helpshift SDK on Android or iOS. The HelpshiftCore call now includes Support+Campaigns, whereas HelpshiftSupport contains only Support functions.