You may have noticed a new platform option available when managing Smart Views, conducting Advanced Searches, and reviewing icons available for FAQs. This new platform is Web Messenger, which refers to Issues created via the Web Messenger endpoint in the Helpshift REST API. You can learn more by reviewing our Rest API documentation.

How does ‘Web Messenger’ differ from ‘Web’ Issues and FAQs?

‘Web’ indicates Issues which are created through the generic ‘Contact Us’ web form. Issues created through the REST API will be treated as part of the ‘Web Messenger’ platform. As a platform, this can be used along with other platforms in Automations, FAQs, Smart Views, and wherever platform options are exposed.

How do I use the ‘Web Messenger’ platform?

The ‘Web Messenger’ option is now listed in the Dashboard because we have an out-of-the-box Web Messenger widget in development. However, that widget is not yet available, so those platform options can’t be used by your team just yet. We’re working on this widget now, so stay tuned for our upcoming product announcements via the Helpshift blog!