As of Helpshift SDK v7.0.1 and above, this flag has been replaced with the Answer Bot (a toggle in the Helpshift Dashboard) for both in-app users and Web Chat. For more information, please see What is the Answer Bot, and how do I set it up?

This feature helps companies reduce their overall Issue volume while maintaining an excellent end user experience. If the showSearchOnNewConversation flag is enabled, a user will be taken to a view which shows the search results relevant to the conversation text that they have entered upon clicking the ‘Send’ button. The default value is false / off, which means no relevant search results from the FAQ will appear when the user starts a new conversation.

How it works:

  • When showSearchOnNewConversation is enabled, a user can file a conversation as normal.
  • Once a user has completed filling out the form, they can press ‘Send’ which loads a screen that shows related FAQs. These FAQs result from keyword searches. If no results are available, then the Issue will be filed directly.
  • A user can view the related FAQs and find one that answers their question.
  • Alternatively, a user can go back to the FAQs list and press ‘Send Anyway’ to file the Issue.

This flag is applicable from iOS version v4.9.0 – v6.4.3 and Android v3.6.0 – v6.4.2. To enable this flag on Helpshift SDKs below v7.0.1, please review our developer docs for iOS and Android.

If your app forces the user to search through your FAQs before reaching out to your support team, then they won’t see search results when they start typing their message.