Helpshift includes features for a brand to organize, store, and work with its snippets of translated text. We call this this feature set “text templates.” Text templates serve brands that use multiple languages while supporting a product.

  • When your brand offers product support services in one language exclusively, text templates may not be right for you.
  • Helpshift, Inc., is not a translation services vendor. Brands are responsible for obtaining any translated text strings that they would store and use.
  • Only the users with assigned administrator (or supervisor, in some cases) permissions can manage a brand’s text templates.
  • Our platform can render the character sets for more than 180 languages.

The purpose of of a text template is to simplify internationalization of any consumer-facing:

  • greeting
  • title
  • message
  • question
  • or survey that you may prepare for your brand’s in-app or web-based customer support experience.

You can prepare a text template in either of two ways. 

  • Use the Text Templates user interface.
  • Upload a well crafted CSV file.

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