SensAI Predict gives you the foundation for an AI-powered workflow. This AI engine leverages machine learning to accurately predict the category of an incoming Issue and classify it accordingly. This provides your support team with a built-in classification system for Issues, and prevents them from having to manually classify common Issue types based on the message content.

SensAI Predict can be easily integrated into your existing workflow, and provides the following benefits for your team:

  • Maximize Agents productivity by freeing them from the task of manually tagging and routing Issues by automatically classifying Issues in real-time
  • Exceed SLA expectations by using SensAI Predict with Automations to quickly send appropriate responses to common Issue types
  • Deflect common Issues by providing quick and helpful in-channel responses
  • Improve your Agents to end users ratio, resulting in cost efficiency for your organization
  • No more manual errors in categorizing Issues, which will improve the accuracy of your responses and analytics data
  • Scale your workflow as your business and user needs change: add data to Predict to create additional classifications for new types of Issues coming through your Dashboard (no developer or data scientist needed!)
  • Track Predict performance metrics from directly within your Dashboard with reports that update every 30 minutes

How does it work?

Predict works by analyzing Issue message data provided by you to build a Model, which is a mapping of related Issue data and Labels. The AI engine then utilizes the information provided by this Model to scan new Issue messages and classify the Issues using Labels. You can then use this Label within a New Issue Automation to quickly route Issues with that label to the right Agent, Group or Queue, send an automated response to the user, add Custom Issue Fields or tags, and more.

How do I get Predict for my Dashboard?

SensAI Predict is an add-on feature that must be unlocked with an account upgrade. It may be a good fit for your organization if you are already using Automations as part of your workflow, want to classify incoming Issues, or streamline your workflows further with chatbots. Please reach out to your Account Manager or to to learn more.