The Bot Analytics template app can be downloaded and added to your Power BI dashboard from within Power BI. To get this report, review the steps in How do I install Helpshift Template Apps in Power BI?

The following reports are available for Custom Bot Analytics:

  • Custom Bots
  • Custom Bots (times)
  • Custom Bots Steps
  • Custom Bots (transitions)
  • Custom Bots (AI Powered FAQs)

You can use the Custom Bots report to see overall invocation, completion, and interruption metrics for your Custom Bots. Use this report to:

  • Compare the amount of times the Bot was invoked to the amount of times it sent an outbound message to see how much work your Bots are doing for your team
  • Review the percentage of Issues assigned to Custom Bots to see how Bots are able to provide coverage for your team
  • Review the amount of times the Bots conversations were interrupted by Agents or Automations

The Custom Bots (times) report showcases the average completion and interruption times for each Custom Bot. Use this report to:

  • Review the time durations after which a Bot was interrupted by an Agent or Automation to understand how these features interact as part of your workflow
  • Track the average Bot completion times to understand how Bot engagements may impact your SLA

The Custom Bots Steps report captures the relationships among bot step types, bot step invocations, bots, apps, platforms, and more. Use this report to understand in fine detail how your brand uses bot steps in its custom bots.

The Custom Bots (transitions) report visually presents the flow of invocations for each Custom Bot, including the amount of times each step was invoked. Use this report to:

  • See how many end users are skipping steps within your Custom Bots flow, and which steps they are skipping, to review and optimize this flow
  • See if users are dropping off at certain steps to make changes to improve the support experience offered by the Bot

The Custom Bots (AI Powered FAQs) report displays the efficacy of AI-Powered FAQs via Custom Bots. You can use this report:

  • To view the number of helpful and not helpful FAQs.
  • Track the number of suggested FAQs and see how many suggested FAQs were read by end-users.

For a full review of what metrics are available in other reports and how to use them, please see our Power BI Reports Overview.

To learn more about these metrics, see our Power BI Glossary.