Our latest SDKs offer full support for iOS 9, 10, 11 and 12.

What about iOS 8?

When Apple released iOS 11, they introduced a new Safe Area Layout that allows iOS 11 apps to adapt themselves to new design guidelines for iPhone X. This new layout ensures that any compliant UI works seamlessly for all future Apple devices.

Our v6.4.1 native iOS SDK  provides UI optimizations for this new layout. With less than 2% of users on iOS 8, we are deprecating support for iOS 8, and shifting our focus to maintaining full compatibility with iOS 9, 10 and 11.

My app still supports iOS 8, what can I do?

Our native iOS SDK v6.4.1 is our final version that we can guarantee will be compatible with iOS 8. Subsequent releases have not been tested on iOS 8. We guarantee our core functionalities will not change for those users through 2018, as Apple does not release updates for previous iOS versions. This build will be available until the end of 2018, with no updates or changes to it.

If you do not wish to remain on v6.4.1, e.g. if you’d like to upgrade with a newer SDK feature in 2018, you have the option to conditionally direct your iOS 8 users to an embedded page of the mobile version of your Web Support Portal.

What if I use one of Helpshift’s plugins?

Plugins (Unity, Cocos2d-x, Xamarin) for v6.4.0 can still be downloaded until the end of 2018. Review Can I install an older version of the Helpshift SDK? for those download links. Our recommendations are the same for these builds. You may also wish to subscribe to our SDK Twitter for announcements on all new releases.

What is the Helpshift policy on legacy OS support?

Helpshift’s policy on legacy support commits us to maintaining compatibility for two previous versions of each iOS release. Once usage of an older iOS version falls below 5%, we will provide limited support around June of each year. This means that any emergent bugs will be investigated once reported, and any major functionality-breaking bugs will be fixed. However, we cannot guarantee fixes on minor issues due the prioritization of the latest iOS versions.

If you do not intend to update your app anymore, we recommend building an iFrame in your app for your Help Section that displays an embedded page of the mobile version of your Web Support Portal. Your users will submit new Issues through the mobile web version of your contact us form. This will not require any app updates in the future to maintain functionality in your app.

Where can I download older Helpshift SDKs? 

Review Can I install an older version of the Helpshift SDK? for download links.