A Queue is a grouping of Issues sorted by customer wait time with a built-in backlog line. Queues can be used in your workflow in a number of ways, as detailed below.

This feature may be a good fit for your team if you have at least 10 team members and 2 or more Agent Groups, and must be unlocked with an upgrade. Please reach out to your Account Manager or to success@helpshift.com to learn more about how you can use Queues to scale your workflow.

Queues give your team the ability to:

  • Use Automations to do ‘smart’ Auto-Assignment to Groups with built-in backlog management
  • Unassign Issues back to the default Queue
  • Work solely out of My Open Issues, which can be sorted by Queue Priority
  • Escalate specific Issues to a unique Queue which specialized Agents can work out of
  • Assign all open Issues in an Agent’s individual Queue back to the default Queue at the end of their shift
  • Quickly filter for specific sets of Issues in Smart Views and Automations
  • Review Analytics by Queue (instead of by sets of tags)

Queues can be used as part of your workflow to Auto-Assign Issues to individual Agents and Groups based on their availability. To learn more, see our guide to Workflow Management.