Custom Issue Fields allow you to classify Issues using fields made up of a label and a type.

The label is where you provide the category of the field (tier, purchase date, country) and the type is where you define the kind of value which should be allowed to be entered into the field (a number, date, string, a drop-down, etc.)

This enables your team to better categorize Issues, resulting in improved workflows and a better experience for your Agents.

You can use Custom Issue Fields with Smart Views and Automations to route Issues to the right Agent or Queue. You can also add Custom Issue Fields into your contact form to allow users to select these fields when reaching out to your support team.

Please note: prior to configuring Custom Issue Fields in the Dashboard, you must configure the Helpshift SDK to pass through your user data. To do so, please direct your developer to our developer documentation for iOS and Android.

To understand how to use Custom Issue Fields with tags and metadata, see How Do I Migrate To Using Custom Issue Fields When I Already Have Metadata And Tags?

To get start adding Custom Issue Fields, please see How Do I Create A New Custom Issue Field?