Customer Satisfaction Surveys, or CSAT, provide you with a way to gather honest, qualitative feedback from your app users. Combined with a quantitative metric like Number of Issues Resolved, CSAT allows you to measure your Agents’ effectiveness when working with customers. For example, once you enable CSAT, you’ll be able to see that your Agent resolved 50 issues last week and received 5-star ratings on all of them.


If you have CSAT enabled, the process will go like this: when an Agent resolves an Issue, and your user confirms that he has no other questions, Helpshift will prompt your user to rate his/her experience on a 5-point scale. This prompt includes an optional feedback field.


To enable in-app CSAT, proceed as follows:

Navigate to the Settings page from within the Dashboard

Under ‘App Settings’, select the app you’d like to enable CSAT for

Scroll down to the In-App SDK Configurations area, then click the ‘Configure SDK’ button

On the general tab, enable the Customer Satisfaction Survey toggle to ON.

To enable email CSAT, proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to Settings > Support Settings > Customer Satisfaction Survey

2. Select ‘Never’ ‘1 day’ ‘3 days’ or ‘5 days’ from the ‘Send customer satisfaction survey after’ drop-down menu


Please note: if you update your ‘Send customer satisfaction survey after’ selection, that change will not take effect until 2pm GMT. For example, if you have set your survey to send after 5 days, then later update this setting to send the survey after 1 day, any Issues resolved prior to that setting change which have not yet received a CSAT survey as of 2pm GMT the next day will receive a CSAT survey after 1 day.

To allow your Agents and Supervisors to review CSAT feedback, please see How do I allow Agents & Supervisors to review CSAT feedback?

To learn how to create a feature that collects feedback, sends an auto-response, and skips your Issues queue, see How do I create a one-way feedback channel?

To find this info in our developer documentation, see our instructions for iOS and Android.