Campaigns is an add-on feature. Please reach out to to upgrade your plan to include this feature.

There are two types of Campaigns: Broadcast and Continuous.

You’ll want to do a Broadcast Campaign if your Target Audience is already defined. You can send a Broadcast Campaign out immediately, or on a certain date and time.

Example: You have a mobile shopping app with a user base that is only in the United States. You want to promote my 50% off sale that is only active on December 25th. You’ll send a Broadcast Campaign to all of your users with the following message:

Message: “Merry Xmas! Today only save 50% off everything in the app. Tap here for more”

Broadcast Date & Time: Dec 25, 2017 at 4:00AM PST

Please note: any timestamps you see in the Campaigns section of the Dashboard will reflect times in your native web browser’s time zone, rather than the time zone set in your Account Settings.

You should do Continuous Campaigns when your message content is fixed, but your Target Audience is constantly changing. A Continuous Campaign Message is sent when users match the Target Audience that you set. You can set the Campaign Message to be sent at a certain hour of the day. You also control when this Continuous method starts and ends.

Example: You have a mobile shopping app with a user base that is only in the United States. When a user has spent at least $50 in your app, you want to send them a Campaign Message that asks them to rate your app in the App Store. You will want to do a Continuous Campaign with the following settings:

Message: “We value you as a customer and would love for you to rate us on the App Store!”

Start: Jan 1, 2018 and Right Away

End: Never End

With the settings above, your message will go out to a user when they reach $50 in total spend per the delivery schedule. Since no end date is selected, the Campaign will continue until you turn it off.