As video gaming brands look to engage with players beyond console systems, the number of multiplatform games continues to climb. To build ongoing player engagement, successful brands must deliver multiplatform experiences that keep players coming back.


Helpshift brings premium player support experiences to video game consoles by offering the first unified support toolset for all gaming platforms.


Our QR code API — first released in November 2021 — helps you to deliver a unified and compelling Helpshift support experience across multiple gaming platforms — now including modern console games on the latest models of Microsoft XBox™, Sony PlayStation™, and/or Nintendo Switch™.


Uninterrupted player engagement can increase your revenue from subscriptions and micro-transactions, making each player more valuable to your brand on average while lowering your average support cost per player.


The player experience


Our low-friction, patent-pending support solution equips your players to solve many of their own problems securely, quickly, and independently, before resuming gameplay.

QR code API — the player experience

  • A player who needs help simply photographs the secure and unique QR code bitmap displayed on their gaming system screen.
  • Players can explore your knowledge base and solve their problems independently.
  • Alternatively, Helpshift can deliver guided help via bots or service agents.
  • A player’s gaming console remains available. Gameplay can resume at any time.
  • To reengage players with their support case whenever it is updated, your game can notify them and display a new QR code.
Behind the scenes
  • To use this Helpshift experience, your brand calls a REST API that returns a unique URL and the bitmap for a QR code.
  • The generated QR code captures meaningful details and contextual information — such as user ID and session ID — that you program it to capture, and also incorporates all of your custom issue fields (CIFs).
  • Captured details are stored securely, but in such a way that your bots and service agents can draw upon them as needed.
For information about enabling this feature or about the QR code API generally, please contact