SDK Updates

Native iOS SDK v7.3.0

Our latest iOS SDK supports iOS 12. It also includes a series of edge case bug fixes as listed in the iOS release notes.

Native Android SDK v7.3.0

Our latest Android SDK supports Android P (9.0). It also includes a series of edge case bug fixes as listed in the Android release notes.

Unity SDK v4.1.0

The latest versions of our QuickSearch and Cocos2d-x SDKs (v4.1.0) have been released. They have been updated to support the following features and native SDKs:

See our Unity release notes to learn more.

Cocos2d-x SDK v4.1.0

Our latest Cocos2d-x SDK supports the following features and native SDKs:

See our Cocos2d-x release notes to learn more.

Mac OS SDK 2.3.0

We released a hotfix for our Mac OS SDK this month to address Mojave compatibility issues, including basic support for dark mode. Additional updates are planned for later this year.

Check back on our Mac OS release notes for the latest fixes and changes.

Dashboard Updates

Agent Password Complexity

In September we updated our password policy for Agents, which required them to update to a stronger password. Everyone accessing your support Dashboard is now required to create a stronger password per our updated password requirements.

To see a list of the new password requirements along with other security best practices, see What measures can I take to secure the Dashboard for my team?

SensAI Predict Label Data now available in Power BI

You can now include Power BI Label data in your Predict reports. To learn how, see Where can I see Predict label data in Power BI?

Improved accuracy for QuickSearch Bot and SensAI Predict

We’ve updated our machine learning algorithms for QuickSearch Bot and SensAI Predict Models to improve the accuracy of the predictions that these features make. Specifically, we’ve enhanced these models to better identify and handle spelling mistakes, and improve context detection using ensemble models. These updates allow you to provide even more accurate responses to end users.

Coming Soon: Follow-up emails for Web Chat conversations

By the end of October, a new Dashboard configuration will be available to allow you to send follow-up emails to users who started a conversation via Web Chat, but left before the next reply. This email provides the user with a link they can click to return to the Web Chat window to finish the conversation.

Keep an eye on our Knowledge Base for brand-new FAQs on how to set up follow-up emails to support your Web Chat workflow.

API Updates

Coming Soon: API for Web Chat Events

You can use the new Web Chat Events API with the follow-up emails feature to detect if a user who was logged during the conversation logged out (or if a different account was logged into) before clicking the link to build a user experience that fits this scenario.

This API can be used to:

  • Hide the Web Chat widget until the user logs in
  • Prompt the user to login to access the conversation in the Web Chat widget
  • Open the widget after the user has logged in

Documentation for this API will be available by the end of October. Check this FAQ for updates.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to reach out to our support team.