When you perform an Advanced Search, you can save it to use in your My/All Issues View or any other Smart View that you have access to. You can create as many Advanced Search filters as you want, but remember to come up with a good naming system so you can quickly search and use them as you work in your Dashboard.

To save your Search, click the drop-down icon to the right of the Search bar, type a name for your search under ‘Save current Search as’, then click ‘Save’. Once you’ve saved a Search, it will show up under the list of Filters available on that page.


When setting up Advanced Search for your Dashboard, it’s important for your team to establish priorities on who you want to segment first. Once you know what types of Issues and which users you want to respond to first, then it will be easier for you to create your Advanced Search filters.

To learn how to perform Advanced Searches, see What Is Advanced Search, And How Do I Use It?

To learn how to set up Smart Views to use with saved Advanced Searches, see How Do I Create A Smart View?