The following FAQ is written for developers. If you are a Support Manager interested in implementing this configuration, please share this article with your developer.

To use Helpshift’s REST API to update Custom Issue Fields during Issue creation, you should use the custom_fields parameter with the PUT /issues resource.

This parameter accepts a JSON object of key-value pairs containing Custom Issue Fields.

Please note: the custom_fields parameter in the HSAPI should only be invoked once the Custom Issue Fields have been created within the Settings tab of the Helpshift Dashboard by an Admin.

When creating the Custom Issue Fields, the field type should be one of the following allowed Custom Issue Field types:

  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • Drop-down
  • Single Line Text
  • Multi Line Text
  • Number

The value for each field should match the data type for the field.

Please note the following when configuring this API setting:

  • All dates should be in unix timestamp (milliseconds) format
  • Invalid keys and values that do not match the expected data type will be dropped, thus not setting the value
  • Archived / Deleted fields will be dropped, thus not setting the value

Please review our API Docs Tool to further explore the custom_fields parameter.

Below is a screenshot of a sample REST API PUT call over the /issues resource. The call has successfully updated the issue with new Custom Issue Field values.

Please note, this REST API call used Postman’s API client.