Administrators and Supervisors can create Text Templates which can be used  across multiple entities. At present, Text Templates are applicable only for the In-app SDK/Web Chat Configuration.

To use Text Templates,

  1. Navigate to the App Settings > APPWeb Chat and click the ‘Configure Web Chat’ button. The Web Chat Settings page displays all the entities that support Text Templates with a Text Template icon at the top right edge of the field.

    Once you hover the Text Template icon, the tool tip ‘Insert Text Template’ appears.
  2. In the Text Template widget, click the Text Template icon to open the Search pane of the Text Template widget.

  3. Enter the text which you want to search in the Search bar. It displays all the search results below. By default, it highlights the first search result and displays the preview in the Preview Pane, next to the Search Pane.

  4. Following are the components visible in the Preview Pane of the Text Template,
    Language drop-down Title
    Number of Translations
  5. Click the Language drop-down to select the preferred language. It lists all the languages in which translation of the Text Template is available.

    Note: Customers can upload translations for fields such as “In-app SDK Greeting Message”, “Web Chat Widget Title”, “Web Chat Greeting Message”, “Web Chat Resolution Question”, “Web Chat CSAT “etc. via a CSV upload.
    If a customer has already uploaded a CSV of translations for any of these fields, a new folder called ‘Unsorted’ will be created where the translations are placed as Text Templates.
  6. Click  the Text Template Title in the Search pane, the Text Template appears in  the Text box as the ‘Text Template Token’.

  7. Hover the Preview pane to view the Text Template content and if you want to edit the Text Template, click the Edit icon. For more details, see ‘How do I manage Text Templates?’

  8. Click the  cross icon (X) on the ‘Text Template Token’ to remove an inserted Text Template.
  9. Once the Text Template is removed, admin can either insert a new text template or write in free form text.

    Note: Text templates are not applicable for Bots, Automations and Quick Replies. Also, there would be no change in Web Contact Us Forms and FAQs.