You can set up business hours for Web Chat to set expectations with end users by letting them know when your team will be available to help them.

To set your Web Chat business hours, navigate to Settings > App Settings > select the app you’d like to configure Web Chat business hours for.

On the page that appears, scroll down to the ‘Web Chat’ section area, then click the ‘Customize Web Chat’ button.

On the Web Chat configuration page, you will see a section for Business Hours. Use the drop-downs in the ‘Hours’ sections to configure the dates and times when the business hours message should display.

In the Non-Business hours behavior section, you have the option to select ‘Allow users to leave a message’ or ‘Don’t allow users to leave a message’. If you allow users to leave a message, their message will generate a new web Issue.

You can also set the message that displays to users during non-business hours by filling out the ‘Widget Title (Non Business Hours)’ text field.

You can preview how your business hours will look on the right side by selecting the ‘Non-Business Hours’ option in the Preview drop-down.

To learn more about setting up Web Chat, please see our Web Chat guide.