Administrators and Agents can send rich attachments as a part of bot interaction to make the communication more engaging and effective. Administrators will be allowed up to 5 files per bot interaction. There are no restrictions on the type of file which can be sent in a bot interaction.

Note: Admins can send attachments that can remove or add Attachments even after publishing a bot.

Following are the bot steps that support attachments:

  1. Send Message
  2. Get information from the user
  3. End Conversation


In-app Messaging:

From SDK 7.7.0, your customers will be able to download and see the files sent by a bot. We recommend you to use this bot ability with SDKs 7.7.0+ to ensure the best user experience.




In the case of old SDKs (7.3.x, 7.4.x, 7.5.x, and 7.6.x), the files sent by a bot would display in the form of URLs. These URLs remain active for the next 30 days to a customer to ensure the security of the file.

Helpshift also recommends you to provide a descriptive file name. For example, the following image does not specify the file name clearly. Hence, it does not help end-users to understand what’s inside the file and why should they tap on the link to access the file for old SDKs.



In the case of older SDKs than 7.3.x, the files will not be sent as part of a bot interaction.


For Web Chat:

Your web chat customers will also be able to see all the files sent by a bot.