Administrators can reduce the number of Automations by migrating existing sets of Auto-Response ‘Automations’ to a new Automation by using Text Templates. For example, If you have a set of multiple Automations that sends replies in different languages, you can replace them with single automation using Text Templates.

This feature helps you to:

  • Manage Automations easily
  • Less-prone errors
  • Easy to update content without editing Automation
  • Fewer Automations run on each Issue

You can replace existing Automations with a single Automation using Text Templates in the ‘Reply to Customer’ field of Automation.

To migrate existing Auto-Response Automations using a Text Template,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Automations and find the set of Automations that you want to replace.
  2. Create a Text Template for each set of Automations. For example,
    To learn more about Text Templates, see
  3. Now, create Automation that uses the Text Template by clicking the gear icon  ⚙️ of an Automation. Select the ‘Duplicate‘ option from the available options.
  4. The ‘Create Duplicate Automation’ page appears along with all the filters. Perform the following tasks:
    1. Change the ‘Title’, if required.
    2. Remove the ‘Language’ filter.
    3. Replace the existing content by using the Text Template in the ‘Reply to Customer’ field.
    4. Turn off the ‘Enabled’ toggle and click ‘Save‘.
  5. The duplicate automation appears under the ‘Automations’ page without the ‘Language’ filter.
  6. Click the ‘Change Order’ button to reorder the Automations and place the duplicate Automation on the top of the list.
  7. Finally, enable the new Text Template Automation and then disable the existing Automations.
  8. Later, after verifying all the workflows, delete all the disabled Automations. This solution works for both the New Issue and Time-Based Automations.

Points to Remember:

  1. When you enable the new automation along with existing Automations, then there is a probability that the same message will be added twice to an Issue that matches all filters.
  2. If you enable the new automation after you disable all the existing Automations, then there is a probability that no automation message will be added to an Issue that matches all filters. In such cases, Helpshift recommends you to check the default queue.
  3. Be careful while creating the Text Template. Do not miss out on any translation. If you miss any translation, then the default language content will be used. Therefore, set up the Template accordingly.
  4. Helpshift recommends you to delete the older Automations only after verifying all the workflows. There is no rollback for Automations.
  5. In case of any doubt, contact Helpshift’s Technical Support team.