Each month, we send out an email to current customers with a summary of the key metrics and account usage for the previous month. This provides a snapshot of how your account is doing related to key support metrics and the different features on our platform.

Note: The data may differ slightly from your Helpshift Analytics Dashboard due to the timezone. For any questions or feedback about this monthly usage report, please reach out to success@helpshift.com.

Monthly usage reports are only sent to the primary contacts listed on the account. If you wish to receive them, please reach out to one of your administrators and have them contact us at success@helpshift.com.

The Usage report is broken down into three main categories: Performance Section Definitions, Automation Metrics, and Feature Usage Metrics.

1. Performance Section Definitions

The Performance section is a summary review of how your key support metrics compare to Helpshift’s benchmark data. It also includes your contract details and how they compare to your current usage. 

The key support metrics are the main metrics that are tracked in Helpshift as well as tracked by most support organizations.

Key Metric Definition
CSAT Customer Satisfaction Survey; CSAT allows you to measure how your customers feel about their interactions with your agents based on a 5-star rating system. Find out more about our CSAT feature here.
Time to First Response The average time it takes for your customers to receive the first response from either your agents or a bot.
Time to Resolve The average time it takes from the time your customers ask a question (create an issue) to the time your agent, bot, or automation closes an Issue.
Deflection The percentage of FAQ views that don’t result in an Issue being created. The ability for your customers to self-serve by reading your FAQs means that fewer Issues are created.

Benchmark Data

Your Performance section includes our Helpshift Benchmark data. This data shows how your performance compares to the rest of Helpshift’s customers. 

Please note that the benchmark data is measured as an average across all of Helpshift’s customers and not specific to any specific segment of customers. Factors such as the industry, type of product or service, and size of your support team can impact the relevancy to your overall performance.

2. Automation Metrics

The Automation section shows you the performance metrics on AI and bots usage. 

Note: If you do not have these features enabled on your account, then the sections will not show any data. 

Predict Classification

This section refers to our patented Sense AI Predict feature.

Key Metric Definition
Issues Labeled The total number of Issues that were labeled by Predict
Accuracy Accuracy is the percentage of times that an Agent did not mark the predicted a Predict Label as inaccurate. For more details, see How are Accuracy and Precision calculated in Predict?
Models The number of models you’ve created. A mapping of related Issue and Label data of the same language.

QuickSearch Bot

This section refers to our QuickSearch Bot feature.

Key Metric Definition
Times FAQs Suggested The number of times that QuickSearch Bot was able to successfully suggest FAQs based on a customer’s first message.
Deflection Rate The percentage of times that QuickSearch Bot was shown and the customer did not go on to create an Issue.

Custom Bot

This section refers to our Custom Bot feature.

Key Metric Definition
Invocations The number of times an issue has been assigned to a custom bot.
Issues Resolved The number of issues that are resolved by a custom bot rather than an agent.
Outbound Messages The total number of messages sent by custom bots to customers.
Completions The number of times a custom bot flow has been fully completed, and the Issue is resolved, rejected, or sent to an agent.
Number of Custom Bots The total number of custom bots that have been created on the platform. Note that this doesn’t refer to bot steps.

3. Feature Usage Metrics

This section includes a detailed view of your account usage across two areas – Your overall account usage, and your use of key features.

Usage Metric Definition
Issues Created The number of issues created in your dashboard.
Issues Resolved The number of Issues resolved by either agents, bots or automations.
Issues Rejected The number of Issues that were rejected by either your agents, bots or automations.
Total MAU Monthly Active Users; More details on how MAU is calculated here.

Adoption of features: