Admins, optionally Supervisors and Agents with permission, can mark an Email or Web Issue as a duplicate of another Email or Web Issue, and subsequently reject it.

To mark and reject an Issue as a duplicate:

  1.  Navigate to the Issue Details page, and click on the ellipsis ••• button at the bottom right corner.

    Alternatively, navigate to the Other Issues tab, and hover on the Issue you’d like to mark as Duplicate.

  2. Select the ‘Mark as Duplicate and Reject’ option. (Note: Agents and Supervisors will need to be granted permission to see the ‘Mark as Duplicate and Reject’ option.)
  3. On the following screen, a list of Issues from that specific user is displayed. Select the Issue you’d like to link the Duplicate Issue, and click Next.

  4. Next, an option to personalize and send a message to End Users before rejecting the Duplicate Issue is presented. You can personalize the message, or delete it if you don’t want to send a message to the End User when rejecting the issue. 

  5. Click on Mark as Duplicate and Reject Issue. This action will reject the Duplicate Issue, simultaneously send a message to the End User if included, and redirect you back to the Issue Details page, where a status bar with a link to the original issue is displayed at the bottom. 

Permission Settings

Admins can provide Supervisors and Agents the permission to mark and reject Email and Web Issues as duplicates. To grant permission, navigate to the Permission Settings page, and then to the Mark Issues as Duplicates and Reject section. Use the toggle buttons to turn on/off access accordingly.

Once Supervisors and Agents have access, they will see the option to ‘Mark as Duplicate and Reject’ on the Agent Dashboard.