Administrators and Supervisors can edit, delete and duplicate the Text Templates.

To edit/delete the Text Template,

  1. Select the Text Template which you want to edit /delete and click on the gear icon ⚙.

  2. Once you click the Edit option, the ‘Edit Text Template’ modal appears.
  3. Under Content, click the gear icon ⚙️to change or delete the Language and Translation.
    Note: It does not allow you to delete the default language and translation.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If you want to delete the Text Template, click ‘Delete’.  A pop-up appears with a warning that you want to delete a Text Template and cannot be restored. Click the ‘Delete’ button to complete this process. You can also delete the Text Template from the Text Template list.

  6. Admin cannot delete the Text Template that has been used at least in one place. You can check the usage of the Text Template under the ‘Usage’ tab.
    If you click on the ‘Delete’ button, a pop-up appears with a warning that you will be able to delete the Text Template only after you remove the mapping.
  7. Click the ‘View’ button, to see a Preview of the used Text template and remove the mapping to delete the Text Template.

To duplicate the Text Template,

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️and select the Duplicate option from the Text Template dropdown.

  2. The Duplicate Text Template modal appears with all the pre-populated values of the Text Template which you want to duplicate.

    Note: In the modal, the current Title relates to the Title of the Default Text Template.
  3. In the Title box, enter a new and unique title and click Save. The new Text Template is created and added to the bottom of the list of Text Templates.