The FAQ editor allows saved text to be displayed in your preferred format on user devices as well as in web browsers. We recommend using caution when pasting from other sources, as the non-native formatting from those sources, such as tables and different sizes of text, can render incorrectly across mobile devices. For example, tables or cells from a spreadsheet do not render the same across mobile devices and may give the majority of your users a bad experience when encountering them in an FAQ.

To ensure text and formatting will display properly and consistently in your FAQs on mobile and web, we recommend you transfer the text by using the keyboard keys “Ctrl + Shift + V” on PC, or “Command + Shift + V” on Mac. This will strip the text of any previous formatting added from where you are copy-pasting the text from.

You can also use the  tool in the FAQ editor toolbar to strip formatting after pasting.

With either method, you will have to replace bullet-points, special numbering, underlines, italics, and bold lettering after pasting. Additionally, please note that formatting from Google Docs, Excel, Word, and other text editing programs can be incompatible and finicky with our FAQ editor. To learn how to use our Text Editor to reapply this formatting, see What should I include in an FAQ article?

If you’d like custom text sizes, you can copy-paste from other programs to preserve that formatting. However, keep in mind that this can affect the formatting of surrounding text that you may have to keep separated while editing. This applies to images you copy-paste as well.

If you’re having difficulty stripping your entire document of formatting within your FAQ editing window, you may need to copy-paste the content using the  “Ctrl + Shift + V” on PC, or “Command + Shift + V” on Mac, into a new FAQ you create.