You can filter for web & email Issues in both Helpshift Analytics and Power BI as follows:

Helpshift Analytics

Helpshift Analytics allows you to filter by Queue, app, platform, and language. However, you do not have the option to filter by channel.

As a workaround, you can set up HS-tags to have all web and email Issues automatically tagged as ‘web’ and ’email’. Once you’ve set that up, you’ll be able to review web and email Issue metrics by looking at the tags report.

To learn more about what’s available in Helpshift Analytics reporting, see What can I see in the Analytics Dashboard?

Power BI

If you are using Custom Issue Fields or tags to organize web & email Issues, you can filter by the Custom Issue Field or tag to see analytics data for those Issues.

To review of all of the data types you can see in Power BI, see our Power BI Reports Overview.