Helpshift allows Administrators to edit the text that Answer Bot uses in its bot flow using Text Templates.

To edit an Answer Bot,

  1. Navigate to Settings > WorkFlows > Bots and click Answer Bot. The Answer Bot page displays the number of ongoing conversations along with an option to ‘Edit’ and ‘Preview Answer Bot’.
  2. Click ‘Edit’. The ‘Answer Bot’ opens up in the Bot Builder.
  3. Once you click the Edit button on the Answer Bot step, the ‘Edit – Answer Bot’ modal appears. Perform the following tasks:
    1. Use Use a Text Template for a message with one or more FAQ suggestions.
    2. Use a Text Template for Helpful (positive) and Not helpful (negative) deflection scenarios.
  4. Click ‘Done’ to update all the strings in the step.
  5. Now, click the ‘Preview Flow’ button and select the App, Language, and Platform to view the FAQs that will be displayed when the end-user will type in messages.
  6. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button to confirm and apply all the changes to ongoing and new conversations assigned to Answer Bot. A pop – up appears with a message that changes will apply to all conversations assigned to Answer Bot. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button to continue.
  7. If you want to discard the changes, click the ‘Discard Changes’ button. A pop- up appears with a warning message that you want to discard changes. Click the ‘Discard Changes’ button to confirm and discard all the changes permanently. Also, if you want to continue editing the Answer Bot, click the ‘Continue Editing’ button.
  8. In case of a positive deflection, you can use a text template to the Bot message on the ‘Edit- Issue Not Created’ modal. Click ‘Done’ to save all the changes.
  9. When you click the ‘Preview Answer Bot’ button, you need to select a suitable App, Language, and Platform. By default, it displays the English language.
  10. Once you click the ‘Start’ button and if a greeting message is kept ‘On’ in the Settings, the greeting message appears. Type a message and press enter or click the send icon. The message appears on the ‘Preview Flow’ modal.
  11. If there is no FAQ for a particular message, then a pop-up appears with the message that the content is not enough to show FAQs. Click ‘Retry’ to go back to the Preview Flow modal.
  12. If there are FAQ suggestions for a particular message, then it displays all the suggestions along with the option to select a suitable Response from the available options.
  13. Once you click the Response option, ‘Yes, it helped’, the issue resolved message appears. However,  If you click the Response option, ‘No, I need more help’, then the Issue gets created and displays the bot info pop-up on hovering over the’?’ Icon.
  14. Click FAQ to view the content and back button to go back to the FAQ Suggestions state.
  15. Once you are done with the editing of Answer bot, close the ‘Preview Flow’ modal and if you want to clear all the messages, click ‘Reload’.