Helpshift’s sophisticated search algorithm shows relevant FAQ results as users are typing search queries. If users typically search for a specific question using a term that isn’t already contained in the FAQ, adding that term as a keyword can make those questions more easily searchable.

For example, if your in-game currency is called Jems, but your users are used to saying Gems, you might want an FAQ about Jems to appear when your users search for “Gem.” Even though the word “Gems” doesn’t appear in the body of the FAQ itself, as long as “Gems” is added as a keyword, the FAQ will still appear when users search that word.

To add keywords to an FAQ article, click the ‘Edit’ button in the right panel next to the list of FAQs. A pop-up will appear listing the question, answer, and keywords for the article. Add new keywords into the keywords area and place them within double quotes. Be sure to separate keywords with a comma to prevent any errors when attempting to save the change.

Please note: FAQ keywords work for the SDK only, not Web Portal. This is because, while the Web Portal is easier to browse on desktop, SDK search results need to be kept as short as possible, since they are browsed on small devices. Keywords help to keep search results as short and relevant as possible.