In-app users can find their Issue ID number by clicking the information icon within a conversation.

This will lead to the information screen, which lists the Issue ID in the top left.

The Issue ID can be easily copied in this area by tapping the ‘Tap to copy’ text to the right of the Issue ID. Once tapped, a confirmation will appear that the Issue ID has been copied.

The Issue ID is useful for communicating with users who reach out to your company outside of your SDK, such as through Facebook,Twitter, or forums. When your community manager needs to follow up on an Issue, they can simply request the Issue ID from the user, then search for the ID in the Dashboard.

This gives the user a unique piece of information they can provide publicly that does not expose personal details, like a username or email address would.

Issue ID is a configuration that must be turned on in your SDK in order for the information screen to be made visible to users. To get started with this configuration, please upgrade to iOS versions 5.10.1 and Android versions 4.9.1 or later. Please see our developer documentation for iOS and Android to enable this flag.