Power BI can only be added to your Dashboard with an account upgrade. Please reach out to your Account Manager or to success@helpshift.com to learn more.

We understand that some Helpshift users need additional flexibility and reporting with analytics. This is why we partnered with Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool, to provide you with easy-to-use analytics dashboards that provide the following features and benefits:

  • Customizable reports: easily switch out which reports show first on your Power BI dashboard
  • Review trends down to the minute based on an array of data points and filters
  • Set alerts to track spikes and other unusual changes in your workflow
  • New options for filtering data, such as filtering by tags, platform, and Agent
  • Share reports across your whole team for visibility
  • Export data to Excel to share with key stakeholders outside your team

When upgrading to Power BI, please note that Microsoft offers two versions of Power BI, free and pro. Free users will have the same functionality as Power BI Pro, but will restrict sharing and collaboration features to only Power BI Pro users. To learn more about these options, please see the Power BI pricing page.