The Trends (Activity) report within the Agent Analytics content pack includes the Agent availability and online presence metrics.

Online presence is defined as when the following conditions are met:

  • The Agent is logged into their Helpshift Dashboard
  • The Agent has the Helpshift Dashboard open in their browser
  • Their computer is awake
  • They are connected to the internet

Availability is determined by a combination of your Auto-Assignment settings and your Agent Availability settings.

As an Admin, you can provide a toggle for your Agents to mark themselves as Available or Away.

You can provide this toggle by navigating to Settings > Auto-Assignment (under Workflows), then enabling the ‘Allow members to mark themselves as Away’ toggle.

If you did not provide an Availability toggle for your Agents to manually mark themselves as available, then their Availability will be determined by the same criteria as online presence. Ths means that these metrics will be equal in your Power BI Reports.

To learn more about how to manage your Availability settings as an Admin, please review What is Agent Availability, and how can it optimize my team’s workflow?