Helpshift allows end-users to upload different types of files defined in the Whitelist given below. However, if the file /attachment is not a part of the Whitelist, Helpshift will zip the file before you upload it. This will reduce the security risk without any impact on the Agent’s user experience.

File Type File Extension
Archive .zip, .rar, tar, gzip
Audio MP3, MPEG, WAV, .ogg, .amr
Image .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp
Text .txt, .rtf
Video WebM, .MPEG4, .3GPP, .MOV, .WMV, .FLV, .ogg, .qt, .mp4
Microsoft Word documents .doc, .docx
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets .xls, .xlsx
Microsoft Power Point presentations .ppt, .pptx
Log .log
Adobe PDF documents .pdf
Tagged Image .tif, .tiff
CSV .csv

Important to Note:

  1. Helpshift provides a cap of  25 MB to each attachment file.
  2. For Email Issues,  the total size of the email (email body and attachments) cannot exceed 25 MB.
  3. For APIs,  users can send up to 25 MB of the total request size
  4. If you send more than 15 files of allowed types through an email, then Helpshift will zip the file to avoid cluttering on the Agent Dashboard.