AUDIENCE We prepared this material for well qualified Helpshift administrators.

The URL-generation logic for knowledge base articles and FAQs is improved in Help Center 2.0 (released May 11, 2021).

As compared to our legacy product, Help Center 1.0, the enhancements in Help Center 2.0 bring:

  • Simplicity — Articles and FAQs are now easier to work with. For example, the public-facing URL for a Help Center 2.0 article does not change when you edit the article title. This means that outside links to your articles are now less subject to breakage.
  • Search engine optimization — In turn, search engines can now index your Help Center articles more effectively.

NOTE: After you finish upgrading Help Center, any legacy article URLs from version 1.0 — which people may still find in past tweets, social messages, or older press releases, for example — should redirect automatically to their equivalent URLs on version 2.0. No action is required from you. 

For example:

Legacy URL
Redirect URL