Whenever anyone opens one of your knowledge base articles for viewing, Help Center 2.0 (released May 11, 2021) generates and displays a list of whichever other articles are most closely related to it. This operation occurs automatically. No setup tasks or extra effort are required of you.



Related articles can direct your users toward meaningful details that their own search strategies or browsing behaviors might otherwise miss.



Filtering considers the relevant platform and language.

Final results are driven by observed similarities between the titles, body text, and search terms among your articles.

The article citations in a related articles block always:

  • point to published articles, exclusively
  • pertain to the same container app that the open article pertains to
  • fall back to their English-language version when any more apt translation is not available



In its initial release, Help Center 2.0 does not support:

  • turning off the related articles block
  • editing the generated list of related articles