Important: From 31st Dec 2022 onwards, technical support will not be provided by Helpshift for versions older than 2.19. Customers can continue to use packages older than 2.19, and the integration will work as usual. Please contact Helpshift Support if you need help upgrading to the latest version.

What is new in 3.0?

  1. Optimized faster loading and syncing of messages.
  2. Better UI/UX resembling a Helpshift’s agent experience.
  3. Non-disruptive messages provide feedback on user actions.
  4. Fewer DMLs and SOQLs.
  5. Fewer API calls.
  6. Better logging to enable troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions before the upgrade

  1. Will the upgrade affect our existing flow? What if the new messenger doesn’t work? What if I find issues in the new admin panel/messenger?

    • Your existing flows will not be impacted.
    • There is no loss or change in data during the package upgrade.
    • The old experience will be available too. If the new messenger or admin functionality doesn’t work as per your expectations, or you do not like the new experience, you can switch back to the old experience. Please provide feedback on reasons to switch back.
  2. What are the recommended pre-upgrade steps?

    • Sandbox testing: Install the 3.0 package on your sandbox.

      • Test with your usual workflows and use cases before installing/upgrading on the production org.

      • Ensure the sandbox is not linked to the Helpshift production domain. If that happens, the link with the Salesforce production environment will break, and all the new cases will start flowing into the Salesforce sandbox.

      • If a test domain is unavailable for linking with the sandbox, Helpshift will provide one. Please get in touch with Tech Support for this.

    • Contact Helpshift Support to try the Beta version of an upcoming package on the sandbox.

      • Do not directly install on production using the link, even if it works fine on the sandbox.

      • Use the incognito window to install using the link.

    • Do not add the old and the new messenger components on the same page in production.

      • It will slow down the case record page on production.

      • We recommend testing on the sandbox first with both messengers added. That will help you to:

        • Compare the newer experience with the old messenger.

        • Get used to the new experience.

Upgrading the package

  1. Login to your Salesforce org, which has the earlier package installed (e.g., 2.19/2.11).
  2. You can find the latest package here.
  3. Once the page is loaded, the below screen appears.

  4. The upgrade page would show the current version and the new version. In the above image, the current version is 2.19.
  5. Choose Install for Admins only, and the package will be installed in approximately 5-10 minutes.

After upgrading the package

  1. Helpshift Admin (LWC) tab is automatically included in the Helpshift app, as shown below:

  2. New HS Messenger needs to be added to the case record page manually.
    (Steps for adding messenger to the case record page are described in the next section.)
  3. Click on the Helpshift Health Check tab and ensure there are no errors:

Steps for adding new messenger

  1. Navigate to any Helpshift case record from the list view:

  2. Click on the Gear icon and choose Edit Page as shown below:

  3. Remove the old messenger component by clicking on the delete icon:
  4. From the Components panel, drag the messenger component to the appropriate section(main, left etc.) on the page:

  5. Save the changes.
    New messenger is ready for use.