For Helpshift customers using Bots, Bots Analytics is now available through Helpshift Analytics APIs, and data can be downloaded as a .CSV file. Two types of reports are available for Helpshift Analytics APIs – Bots and Bots Steps.

  1. Bots Analytics through the API provides information on Bot Activity including:
  •  Invocations
  •  Completions
  •  Interruptions
  •  Resolved
  •  Outbound Messages
  1. Bot Step Analytics includes Invocations and Skips for each step.

Bots metrics are available on an hourly or weekly cadence. The CSV file will display one row for each Bot. CSV files can be downloaded for easy reference. There are two types of CSVs that are available; daily CSVs (available for last 5 days) and weekly CSVs (available for last 4 weeks). These CSVs can be downloaded from the Analytics CSV section, and are only accessible for customers who have Bots enabled in their plan.