Native iOS & Android SDKs v7.2.0

Conversation History for End Users

Our latest SDKs provide support for a new Admin toggle that allows end users to see their past support conversations within the same device or browser. When this toggle is enabled, end users will be able to review their entire history of conversations with your support team, which helps you establish trust and rapport with users and provide helpful context for future interactions.

To get started with this feature, review How do I allow my end users to see their past conversations? To see what the end user experience looks like, see What is the end user experience when users can see their past conversations?

To learn more about the changes in our v7.2.0 SDKs, see our release notes for iOS and Android.

Embeddable Messaging Experience on iOS

You can now embed the Helpshift iOS SDK into your application UI instead of having it take over the app screen, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the SDK within your app’s UX. In older SDKs, by default the Helpshift messaging experience takes up the full screen. See our developer documentation on embedded messaging for iOS.

Restriction of Attachment Upload

A new configuration option has been provided to block attachments from being added to the conversation. See it in our guide to Conversational Issue Filing.

Unity (v4.0.1) Hotfix Released in July

Unity SDK v4.0.1 was released in July as a hotfix for a couple of crash edge cases. See our Unity release notes to learn more.

Coming Soon: Support for iOS 12 & Android P 9.0

By the end of September, we will release updated SDKs to support iOS 12 and Android P 9.0. Additional details and a specific release date will be shared by the end of August.

Coming Soon: Unity and Cocos2d-x Updates

In October, we plan to release updates for Unity and Cocos2d-x to support all of our newest features, including Bots, the view past conversations toggle, and the latest native SDKs.

API Updates

API for Unread Message Count

You can now see the unread message count via the web API, which you can use to create and send in-browser notifications to end users when there are unread messages in the chat.

Webhook and HSAPI support for Private Notes

We now provide Webhook and HSAPI support for Private notes. Check it out in our API docs portal.

Web Chat Widget for Single-Page Apps

This extension to our Web API allows you to hide the Web Chat widget on certain pages within a single-page application website. In addition, you can update Web Chat properties, user identity properties, and Web Chat configurations without requiring a web page reload.

Updated Analytics APIs

Our new Analytics API will allow you to develop your own custom analytics solutions, no third party software needed.

Queues API in HSAPI

Our new Queues API is now published: \Queues\ provides the list of Queues, along with the ability to assign Issues to a Queue via HSAPI.

Dashboard Updates

Daylight Savings Time Support

Helpshift now supports all standard time zones! This means that going forward, Admins and Agents won’t have to manually adjust their account settings, business hours, Automations, Power BI reports, and Smart Views every time Daylight Savings comes around.

Custom Bots Update: Simple Branching

We’re adding branching to Custom Bots to provide similar functionality to the Identity Bot. This release is coming in late August, so check back on our Custom Bots FAQ for this update!

Agent Password Complexity

We are updating our password policy for Agents, which will require them to update to a stronger password. Starting on September 4th, logged in Agents will be prompted to select a new password, and logged out Agents will require to reset their password to sign in.

All Agents will be required to reset their password by October 1, 2018. Keep an eye out for our September newsletter for more details.

Update to Predict Requirements

SensAI Predict Models no longer require a minimum of 10,000 Issues for training. Going forward, they only require 500 Issues.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to reach out to our support team.