Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is a set of Helpshift features which you can use to optimize your support workflow. We built these features to address the following problems many support teams encounter: Admins and Supervisors spend a lot of time manually assigning Issues to Agents Difficult to automatically distribute new Issues to a larger support organization made […]

What are Queues, and how do I use them?

A Queue is a grouping of Issues sorted by customer wait time with a built-in backlog line. Queues can be used in your workflow in a number of ways, as detailed below. This feature may be a good fit for your team if you have at least 10 team members and 2 or more Agent […]

What is Agent Availability, and how can it optimize my team’s workflow?

Agent Availability allows you to route and assign Issues to Agents based on when they are available. It is designed to help you mediate the following difficulties support managers encounter when in their team’s workflow: Time management: Admins and Supervisors can’t tell when Agents are logged into the Dashboard but working on something else Shift […]

How do I limit the number of Issues Agents are assigned?

If you use Automations for Workflow Management to assign Issues to Agents during their working hours, you may want to consider setting a limit on the number of new Issues that can be assigned to those Agents. This prevents your Agents from being overwhelmed with too many new Issues at once. First, you’ll want to figure out […]