Guide: Salesforce Integration

Note: If you are using the Salesforce package/version below 3.0, we recommend upgrading to the latest version. Please refer to the topic for how to upgrade to the latest version of Salesforce integration? Our Salesforce Integration allows you to manage your Helpshift Dashboard from directly within Salesforce. You can use the app to invite and […]

Guide: Webhooks for Custom Issue Fields

With Custom Issue Fields, you can categorize and route Issues based on specific classifications automatically applied by the SDK when the Issue is created. This enables you to use all of the data available to you about your users from our SDK, including metadata and Custom Data, to automatically assign the Issue to the right […]

What are Helpshift Webhooks, and how do I set them up?

Helpshift Webhooks allow you to set up an integration with a third party service based on Helpshift events. You can use the integration to enable notifications via text, email, or a communication app whenever a Helpshift event occurs. Within the Helpshift Dashboard, you can define the conditions required to receive a notification. From the Helpshift […]

What is Salesforce Lightning Messenger Experience enhancement?

Our Salesforce Integration is now enhanced to be compatible with the Salesforce Lightning messenger guidelines. The new version of the Salesforce Lightning messenger includes: Improvements to the overall structure, color schemes, and typographical. Notification alerts on the Tabs to inform agents about active conversations. Permission Settings: Admins need to enable the ‘Change Data Capture’ permission […]

Guide: Salesforce 3.0 package upgrade

What is new in 3.0? Optimized faster loading and syncing of messages. Better UI/UX resembling a Helpshift’s agent experience. Non-disruptive messages provide feedback on user actions. Fewer DMLs and SOQLs. Fewer API calls. Better logging to enable troubleshooting. Frequently Asked Questions before the upgrade Will the upgrade affect our existing flow? What if the new […]

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