Web Support Portal

What is the Web Support Portal and how do I set it up?

When you sign up for Helpshift, you also get a Web Support URL that you can use on your website. The Web Support Portal consists of your FAQs and a contact form that feeds issues straight into your Helpshift dashboard. Your Web Support Portal URL is structured as http://accountname.helpshift.com. To set up the FAQs for […]

How do I embed my Web Support Portal?

You may wish to embed Helpshift’s web support in a full-page form. To do so, you should review our full page Helpshift support template, hosted in our developer documentation. Make sure you update the following in the template: title tag description meta tag favicon path iframe’s src Once done, test out the page in your […]

How do I set up my Web Support Portal in different languages?

To set up your Web Support Portal in different languages, be sure to add languages to your app in your main App Settings page. You can do so by navigating to Settings, selecting your app, then scrolling down to the Languages Supported area. Next, create FAQs in your newly added languages. When you need to […]

How do I reorder / hide apps & platforms in my Web Support Portal?

Admins can change the order in which Apps are shown in the App drop-down in the Web Support Portal. If you are an Admin, navigate to Settings > Support Settings > Web Support Portal. Under Web Support Portal Settings, you will see the option to change the App Order and Visibility as well as Platform […]

How do I segment the content in my Web Support Portal by app?

Under Settings, navigate to App Settings and select your app. Then, if you haven’t already, click “Add Platform” and input all relevant details. A pop-up will appear where you can provide the store URL. Our system will automatically validate the URL for you to ensure no errors occur during the linking process. Please wait until […]

How do I set up my Web Support Portal contact form in different languages?

If you’ve already added custom fields to your Web Support Portal contact form, you can upload translations for these custom fields so they’ll appear localized along with the rest of your Web Portal content. If you haven’t localized your Web Support Portal yet, please see How do I set up my Web Support Portal in […]

How can I direct user inquiries from my social media page to the Helpshift dashboard?

If your app or brand has a social media presence, you may receive questions or support requests from users through those channels, such as posts or messages to your company or apps Facebook page. While social media platforms like Facebook are excellent social and communal tools, we believe that these posts and messages are not […]

How do I redirect my existing support site to the Helpshift Web Support Portal?

You will need to setup a 302 temporary redirect from support.oldsite.com to newsite.helpshift.com. Test this first, and if everything is working properly, change it to a 301 permanent redirect. Once you make your 301 permanent redirect, your site’s reputation, credibility, and other SEO value data saved by search engines, will be transferred. Note: By testing […]

How do I rename or give my app a nickname?

To update the display name of your app, navigate to Settings > App Settings > App. On the page that appears, scroll to the bottom to select the ‘Edit App Nickname’ button. Click this button. A pop-up will appear where you can update the app nickname. To learn how to reorder or hide your apps […]

How do I use Smart Views to filter web Issues by app, platform, or language?

You may notice when creating a Smart View for web Issues that if you select either Email or Web as a Platform when creating a Smart View, the drop-down to select specific apps or languages will be disabled. We’ve removed these options because we want to ensure that your Issues are categorized as accurately as […]

How can I prevent FAQs from showing in my Web Support Portal?

When you turn off web visibility for an FAQ, those FAQs will no longer appear when ‘Web’ is selected from the platform drop-down in the Web Support Portal. However, if the FAQ is published and visible on any platform, it will show up when ‘All platforms’ is selected from the drop-down. By default, ‘All platforms’ […]

How do I add Custom Issue Fields to my contact us form?

Please note: you can add a text or drop-down Custom Issue Field to your contact form. You can add Custom Issue Fields to your contact us form by navigating to Settings > App Settings > select your app. On the page that appears, scroll down to the ‘Web Contact Us Form’ section, then click the […]

How do I add Issue ID to the Email Subject?

Helpshift allows your end-users to access issues faster by adding the Issue Id to the subject line of an email. You can add the Issue Id for, Email Issues Webform Issues  Manual Issues To add the Issue Id for the number of Email or Web Issues submitted by an end-user, Navigate to Settings > Support […]