Web Support Portal Customization

How do I hide a language from the Web Support Portal drop-down menu?

To hide a language from the drop-down in your Web Support Portal, use the following code snippet: [data-type=”language”] option:nth-child(2) { display:none; } The (2) needs to be associated with the language’s location in the drop-down list on your Web Support Portal. For example, if Spanish is #2 on the list, then it be removed visually […]

How do I remove the ‘Login’ link at the bottom of my Web Support Portal?

To remove the login link at the bottom of your Web Portal page, navigate to Settings > Web Support Portal, click the button “Customize CSS”, and insert this snippet into your Custom CSS editor at the bottom of the code: /* ——————————————————- Login link ——————————————————- */ .login-link-wrapper { display: none; } At the bottom of […]

Can I hide or customize my Web Support Portal’s ‘Contact Us’ button?

You can change the look and feel of your Web Support Portal contact us button, change its position on the page, or even hide it completely if you want. Our developer documentation explains in detail how web developers can customize the button using CSS. To customize the appearance of the Contact Us button, see our […]

How do I customize my Web Contact Us Form?

To provide a better support experience, we recommend making custom app or brand specific contact forms so you can create unique contact experiences for your users. Some use cases are as follows: Gaming Company with Different Genres If you are a gaming company who has a Social Casino game, Mid-core game, and RPG game, then […]

How do I customize my Web Support Portal?

You can customize your Web Support Portal with your own CSS by navigating to the Settings page. Select ‘Web Support Portal’ under Support Settings. On this page, click the ‘Customize CSS’ button. A page with your default CSS (cascading style sheets) will appear. You can redesign your Web Support Portal in a variety of creative […]