Videos & Webinars

Video: Tags Overview

This video goes over the benefits of tags, how to create tags, best practices when structuring a set of tags, and more. To learn more, see How Do I Create And Use Tags?

Video: Automations Overview

This video provides an overview of the Automations Dashboard, which allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. To learn more, see What Are Automations, And How Should I Use Them?

Video: Campaigns Overview

This visual walkthrough of Helpshift Campaigns provides an overview of the benefits of the Campaigns feature as well as detailed instructions on how to set up your first Campaign. To learn more, see What Are Campaigns And How Do I Use Them?

Video: User Experience: Browsing FAQs

This video provides a brief overview of what it looks like from the end user’s perspective to browse in-app FAQs. To see what the support experience looks like, see What Does The In-App Support Experience Look Like For A User?

Video: User Experience: Contacting Support

This video provides a visual walkthrough of the user experience when submitting an Issue via in-app FAQs. You can set up a system like this for your support team to create a seamless experience. To learn how, see our Getting Started guide on Guided Issue Filing.

Video: Intro to Metadata

Learn all about how can use metadata in your configuration of the Helpshift SDK within your app to help your Agents quickly and effectively resolve support inquiries.

Webinar: Custom Issue Fields

To learn more about Custom Issue Fields, please see our Custom Issue Fields guide, FAQ section, and our guide to Understanding Metadata, Custom Issue Fields, & Tags.

Webinar: Web Chat

To get started with Web Chat, please see our Web Chat guide.

Webinar: Queues

To learn more about Queues, please see What Are Queues, And How Do I Use Them?

Webinar: Power BI

To learn more about Power BI, please see our FAQ How Can I Get More Out Of Helpshift Analytics With Power BI?