User Identity Verification

What is User Identity Verification, and how do I set it up?

What is User Identity Verification? User Identity Verification is a security measure that verifies that all requests made from within your app or Web Chat widget are coming from authentic end users. This ensures that 3rd parties cannot perform malicious actions, such as filing Issues on behalf of your users, or updating their personal information. […]

How do I track and manage my users across different platforms and devices?

Android & iOS You can use our Login API for iOS and Android to uniquely identify your users and manage them across different platforms and devices. This API provides the following benefits: Ensures that a single user exists in Helpshift, regardless of whether that user is reaching out via the app or Web Chat Ensures […]

How do I test that I have User Identity Verification set up correctly?

For complete steps on how to set up User Identity Verification, please see What is User Identity Verification, and how do I set it up? When enabling and testing your User Identity Verification implementation, please check for the following: Web Chat The launcher icon should be visible when User Identity Verification is enabled. If you […]

What do I do if my User Identification secret key is compromised?

If your secret key is compromised, then 3rd parties are able to perform malicious actions such as filing Issues on behalf of a user or updating their information. To generate a new secret key, navigate to the Settings page within the Helpshift Dashboard. From this page, scroll down to Settings > App Settings > select […]

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