Power BI: Troubleshooting

Why are certain metrics in Power BI different from the ones in Helpshift Analytics?

You may notice that certain metrics within your Helpshift Analytics page and Power BI dashboard do not match, despite having the same name. This is because some metrics are calculated differently in each of these platforms. We are working to update our reporting tools to ensure that these metrics will match up in the future. […]

Why can’t I see my time zone from within the Power BI report?

Time zone support in Power BI is supported in the latest versions of the Helpshift content packs that were released on September 5th, 2017. You’ll need to reinstall that content pack and update your time zone to see the new time zone reflected in your Power BI dashboard. You can check if your content pack […]

Why do some Issue titles get cut off in my data exports?

When exporting data from Power BI, you may notice the titles of certain Issues in the ‘Titles’ field are truncated with an ellipsis. The ‘Title’ field in the Helpshift Dashboard is limited to 80 characters. For in-app Issues, the ‘Title’ is defined as the body of the first in-app message sent by the end user. […]

Why does my content pack data not refresh?

Please note: the steps below allow you to refresh data for existing metrics in your Power BI reports. To update your content pack so that new metrics added to the report in a recent update will appear, please see How do I update my content pack? You may notice that your data is not refreshing […]