Troubleshooting/Known Issues

Can I add additional text fields for users submitting Issues in the SDK?

Currently we do not have the functionality in place for you to add additional text fields for end users submitting Issues in the SDK. While you can add custom fields to your Web Support Portal contact form, the in-app contact form will contain only name and email fields. However, depending on what additional information you […]

How do I integrate Helpshift into my desktop app?

Mac OS Helpshift supports in-app chat and FAQs for Mac OS applications. For implementation instructions, please review Getting Started with Mac OS. Windows Desktop Applications Helpshift no longer supports the Windows SDK. This means we are no longer making maintenance improvements or fixing bugs. To offer a Helpshift support experience in Windows, we recommend using our […]

How can I prevent users from reopening Issues?

By default, a user can reopen a previous Issue thread by responding ‘No’ to the resolution question sent upon Agent resolution. The resolution question is the ‘Did we answer all your questions?’ prompt that appears for in-app users when an Agent has resolved their Issue. If the user answers ‘No’, the past conversation is reopened […]

How do I block an SDK/in-app user?

At this time we do not have the functionality in place to allow you to block Issue submissions from the SDK at the Dashboard level. The workaround is to set the ‘enableContactUs’ flag to ‘NEVER’ for select profile IDs in the SDK, and also maintain a blacklist in the server so that the emails can […]

Does Helpshift support Kindles & Amazon devices?

Helpshift does not have a native SDK for Kindle or Amazon devices. You can provide support on those devices either by embedding your Web Support Portal, or by utilizing our native Android SDK. To embed our Web Support Portal, please review our developer documentation on embedding a full screen support screen. Our native Android SDK can be […]

Does Helpshift support Notification Channels for Android O?

Notification channels allow app developers to group different types of app notifications that their apps typically send to users into “channels”. This gives the end user the ability to modify settings for the entire channel at once, including blocking all notifications or marking notifications from the channel as ‘important’ or ‘not important’. Helpshift’s SDK version […]

How are notifications handled by the Mac SDK?

Helpshift’s MacOS SDK does not support push notifications. Rather, it uses local notifications to inform users when an Agent has replied to a conversation. Since these notifications are local to the Mac app, they do not work if the user quits the app. To learn more about setting up notifications for the Mac SDK, see […]

How do I manage Issues coming from multiple different users on the same device?

If you’re concerned about multiple users writing into support from the same device, we recommend implementing our ‘multi-login’ feature. This configuration allows multiple logged-in users with accounts on your app to access unique support conversations from the same device. To set up multi-login support for your app, see our developer documentation for iOS and Android.

Why does the iOS App Store say my app supports more languages than it does?

When building your project, you’ll only want to add which languages you need, or else all of them will be displayed as supported on the App Store. Please see our developer documentation for iOS regarding this issue. If using our native iOS SDK, you’ll want to manually locate your HSLocalization folder in your project and […]

Do conversations persist if the end user uninstalls and reinstalls my app?

You’ll notice that if one of your end users uninstalls and then reinstalls your app on the same device, their previous in-app conversation is still available when they reach out to contact your support team. Helpshift is designed to be fully refreshed once reinstalled so your users don’t lose their last conversation. This is helpful […]

Important changes with the release of SDK v7.5.0

We released v.7.5.0 for iOS and Android on March 25th, 2019 (View Release Notes), and want to inform you about important changes that will be part of the release. Helpshift recommends you to share this information with your developers so that they are aware and prepared for this release. All SDKs and Plugins will contain […]

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