Troubleshooting/Known Issues

Do you have a mobile app for replying to users on-the-go?

Currently we do not have a mobile app for Agents to use to reply on the go. As a workaround, you can respond to Issues on the go from your mobile device by turning on email notifications. To do so, navigate to your profile icon in the bottom left, select ‘Account Settings’, then select the […]

How do Agents address Issues in the Dashboard via mobile web?

While the Dashboard isn’t optimized for small screens, it is mobile-friendly. iPads and other tablets are ideal for using the Dashboard on the go. Navigate to[issue #] to see a mobile view of an Issue (be sure to include the “/m/” before “admin/issue/#”). Additionally, if you open Helpshift email notifications on your mobile device, […]

How do I locate Issues which are more than one year old?

Helpshift is installed on billions of devices around the world. To make the Dashboard performance as fast as possible for Agents, we implemented an Issue archival policy. This means that all closed Issues over one year old will be automatically archived in our system, and unavailable to browse through Advanced Search and Smart Views. Open […]

Why does nothing happen when I click ‘More’ under the tags list?

When you navigate to Settings > Tag Management > Active Tags, you’ll notice that the Page reveals 50 tags at a time, and a ‘More’ button at the bottom if the list is longer. If you are seeing the ‘More’ button under the tags list, but clicking it doesn’t show additional tags, then you probably […]

Why is the formatting incorrect when using Insert-FAQ?

Our FAQ editor allows you to apply various text formatting options to FAQs, including bold/italicized text, bullet points, and embedded images/videos. However, these formatting choices are not preserved when using the insert-FAQ option within Issues. This is because the Dashboard does not have the capability to render this type of formatting to users receiving an […]

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