Text Templates

Can a bot use multiple languages?

A custom bot can use a variety of languages while engaging with your brand’s end-users.  This flexibility is possible because some bot step types support consuming text templates and variables. Text templates are a Helpshift feature for brands to organize, store, and work with snippets of translated text. Variables are how you can inject personalized […]

How do I migrate existing Auto-Response Automations using Text Templates?

Administrators can reduce the number of Automations by migrating existing sets of Auto-Response ‘Automations’ to a new Automation by using Text Templates. For example, If you have a set of multiple Automations that sends replies in different languages, you can replace them with single automation using Text Templates. This feature helps you to: Manage Automations […]

How do I use text templates in web chat?

After someone in your organization creates text templates, you can use them to populate the web chat title bar and the initial message that greets a web chat user. PROCEDURE Go to Settings and scroll to the bottom of the navigation column on the left. Click the name of your SDK-integrated app where it appears under the App Settings […]

How do I manage Text Templates ?

Administrators and Supervisors can edit, delete and duplicate the Text Templates. To edit/delete the Text Template, Select the Text Template which you want to edit /delete and click on the gear icon ⚙. Once you click the Edit option, the ‘Edit Text Template’ modal appears. Under Content, click the gear icon ⚙️to change or delete […]

What are text templates and how do I use them?

Helpshift includes features for a brand to organize, store, and work with its snippets of translated text. We call this this feature set “text templates.” Text templates serve brands that use multiple languages while supporting a product. When your brand offers product support services in one language exclusively, text templates may not be right for […]

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