Text Templates

How do I migrate existing Auto-Response Automations using Text Templates?

Administrators can reduce the number of Automations by migrating existing sets of Auto-Response ‘Automations’ to a new Automation by using Text Templates. For example, If you have a set of multiple Automations that sends replies in different languages, you can replace them with single automation using Text Templates. This feature helps you to: Manage Automations […]

How do I use Text Templates?

Administrators and Supervisors can create Text Templates that can be used across multiple entities. At present, Text Templates are applicable only for the In-app SDK/Web Chat Configuration and Automations. To use Text Templates, Navigate to the App Settings > APP > Web Chat and click the ‘Configure Web Chat’ button. The Web Chat Settings page displays all […]

How do I manage Text Templates ?

Administrators and Supervisors can edit, delete and duplicate the Text Templates. To edit/delete the Text Template, Select the Text Template which you want to edit /delete and click on the gear icon ⚙. Once you click the Edit option, the ‘Edit Text Template’ modal appears. Under Content, click the gear icon ⚙️to change or delete […]

What are Text Templates, and how do I create them?

‘Text Templates’ is a central repository of translations which can be used in any entity that serves content to end-users, such as ‘In-app SDK Greeting Message’, ‘Web Chat Widget Title’, ‘Web Chat Greeting Message’, ‘Web Chat Resolution Question’, ‘Web Chat CSAT’ etc. Helpshift allows Administrators and Supervisors to provide translations for the ‘Text Templates’ by using: […]